Dori Williams

Dori Williams

Dori Williams is a philanthropist, native New Yorker, raised in the DMV currently residing in Mableton, GA with her retired Mother. She is the mother of two Juan & Gianni and caretaker of her youngest, a Type 1 diabetic to whom was diagnosed at the age of 7 (Gianni). Dori understands the challenges of living with a serious diagnosis, as she faces a condition of her own, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).

Dori Williams brings more than 20 years of Sales & Marketing experience with the go-getter mentality needed to execute and accomplish whatever necessary. She is an extraordinary visionary that exemplifies strong leadership qualities.

Following a successful career in direct healthcare and pharmaceutical sales and being personally touched by disability in a number of ways, Dori identified a gap of opportunity for underserved communities and underprivileged families in America. Recognizing this disparity is the instrument that awakened passion and a voice of advocacy — that voice is what continually fuels the plight for her vision to serve and advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Dori Williams’ compassion and commitment to the journey have provided tools and resources that assist individuals and families in need. Dori stands behind the mission to bind ideology and bridge gaps, removing anything that hinders a better quality of life.

She believes “Knowledge is power when combating illness.”.

Dori is currently the CEO of Xclusive Options, LLC a consulting company that offers a wide variety of services in Mableton Georgia and Co-Founder of Advocates for Disease Education (A4DE) a nonprofit that provides financial assistance, educational resources & necessities to those in need with the enthusiasm, passion and drive necessary.